The majesty of Colorado’s mountains can be appreciated many different ways. Our personal favorite is on the water!

There are over 4,000 lakes in Colorado. Visit Uncover Colorado for an extensive list.

Wherever you are, be sure to follow Coast guard law and have a floatation device available on your vessel per person.

Insider View

Aurora Reservoir

The 800 acre county lake is vast and deep. Boasting some of the biggest fish in the state as well as the cleanest water, it is easy to have a relaxing day on the water. This lake holds drinking water for the city of Aurora so dogs and motor boats are not permitted in the water. Bring plenty of food and water and enjoy a day exploring the coves and riding the breeze!

Bear Creek Lake

This front range gem has a view of the foothills and RedRocks Amphitheater. Don’t let the small size fool you. With three lakes in the State Park (Soda Lake, Big Soda, and Bear Creek Lake) there is plenty of water for everyone!

Chatfield State Park

Located at the base of the foothills, there there are views from Roxborough to Red Rocks! The Park contains two lakes. The first is the main reservoir which is fed by the South Platte River and offers numerous launch points for paddling. It spans 1,423 acre of surface area, allowing for extensive wake and no-wake zones. There is plenty of room for everyone!

The second is the gravel ponds at the south end of the park that is fed by an underground aquifer. There are no motor boats allowed on the gravel ponds so the water is clean and the morning paddle is serene.

Lake Estes

On one of the few lakes where boating is permitted in Estes Park, the view is breathtaking! The lake is fed by the Big Thompson River in the Rocky Mountain National Park so fishing is abundant and wildlife sightings are a regular occurrence.

Lake Dillion

The massive body of water connecting two mountain towns is a sight to see, and not just from the I-70 overlook. Surrounded on all sides by the majesty that is the Rocky Mountains, the views are breathtaking from the water. As is common in the mountains, the calm mornings give way to breezy afternoons making this the perfect place for a long day paddle or a peaceful morning outing.