Which Hawaiian Islands Should I Visit? | The Hawaii Admirer
While comprised of 137 volcanos Hawaii is most known for the 8 main islands.

A Brief History

Settled by the Polynesians, the Hawaiian Islands were comprised of many chiefdoms. James cook was the first non-polynesian to discover the islands. The resulting traders and explorers that flocked to the area introduced diseases to the indigenous peoples, decimating the population. This disaster didn’t help the natives warm to the haoles (foreigners). The Islands became an international recognized kingdom i an effort to stand against the foreigners. They were united by the Kamehameha dynasty by 1810.

The first sugar plantations were started in 1835 and Kauai became known as the Garden Island and prime agricultural land. The increase in plantation production called for the increase in foreign workers, mostly from Korea, Japan, China, the Philippines and Portugal.

The Constitution of Hawaii was enacted in 1887, stripping the monarch of much of its power and authority. When King Kalakaua died in 1891 Queen Liliuokalani took his place. The monarchy was overthrown in 1893, when Queen Liliuokalani was placed under house arrest, allowing for the annexation by the U.S in 1898. By 1900, the Organic Act established the Territory of Hawaii.

Due to the way in which the islands were annexed, there are some natives that still are unhappy with visitors, believing that they cause destruction of land and tradition. For this reason there are many laws in place to protect land and indigenous peoples. Some land can only be occupied by natives, some traditions are kept secret or rarely shared with outsiders, and many policies are in effect to benefit and prioritize the hawaiians.

The Islands of Hawaii are a timeless paradise.

Should you choose to visit, please be respectful of the land and the people that call it home.

A shaka and a bright smile will go a long way to keep the spirit of Aloha alive and well.